ONTAP 9.14

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Manage volumes overview

After you display a list of volumes in ONTAP System Manager, you can perform various actions to manage the volumes.

  1. In ONTAP System Manager, click Storage > Volumes.

    The list of volumes is displayed.

  2. You can perform the following:

To perform this task…​

Take these actions…​

Add a volume

Click add icon. See Add a volume.

Manage multiple volumes

Check the boxes next to the volumes.

  • Click delete icon to delete the selected volumes.

  • Click protect icon to assign a protection policy to the selected volumes.

  • Click more icon to select one of the following actions to perform for all selected volumes:

    • Enable quota

    • Take offline

    • Move

    • Show Deleted Volumes

Manage a single volume

Next to the volume, click kebab icon, then select one of the following actions to perform:

  • Edit

  • Resize (Beginning with ONTAP 9.10.1, and only for online volumes and DP FlexVol volumes)

  • Delete

  • Clone

  • Take Offline (or Bring Online)

  • Enable Quota (or Disable Quota)

  • Edit Export Policy

  • Edit Mount Path

  • Move

  • Edit Cloud Tier Settings

  • Protect

Rename a volume

You can rename a volume from the overview page.

Click edit icon next to the volume name, and then modify the name of the volume.

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