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When to use the volume quota policy rule show and volume quota report commands

Although both commands show information about quotas, the volume quota policy rule show quickly displays configured quota rules while the volume quota report command, which consumes more time and resources, displays enforced quotas and resource usage.

The volume quota policy rule show command is useful for the following purposes:

  • Check the configuration of quota rules before activating them

    This command displays all configured quota rules regardless of whether the quotas have been initialized or resized.

  • Quickly view quota rules without affecting system resources

    Because it does not display disk and file usage, this command is not as resource intensive as a quota report.

  • Display the quota rules in a quota policy that is not assigned to the SVM.

The volume quota report command is useful for the following purposes:

  • View enforced quotas, including derived quotas

  • View the disk space and number of files used by every quota in effect, including targets affected by derived quotas

    (For default quotas, the usage appears as "0" because the usage is tracked against the resulting derived quota.)

  • Determine which quota limits affect when a write to a file will be allowed

    Add the -path parameter to the volume quota report command.

The quota report is resource-intensive operation. If you run it on many FlexVol volumes in the cluster, it might take a long time to complete. A more efficient way would be to view the quota report for a particular volume in an SVM.

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