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Check the MTU network setting on the storage system

You can change the network settings on the storage system if they are not the same as on the client or other network endpoints. Whereas the management network MTU setting is set to 1500, the data network MTU size should be 9000.

About this task

All ports within a broadcast-domain have the same MTU size, with the exception of the e0M port handling management traffic. If the port is part of a broadcast-domain, use the broadcast-domain modify command to change the MTU for all ports within the modified broadcast-domain.

Note that intermediate network devices such as NICs and data switches can be set to higher MTU sizes than network endpoints. For more information, see Check the network settings on the data switches.

  1. Check the MTU port setting on the storage system:

    network port show -instance

  2. Change the MTU on the broadcast domain used by the ports:

    network port broadcast-domain modify -ipspace ipspace -broadcast-domain broadcast_domain -mtu new _mtu


The following example changes the MTU port setting to 9000:

network port broadcast-domain modify -ipspace Cluster -broadcast-domain Cluster -mtu 9000
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