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Considerations for assigning quota policies

A quota policy is a grouping of the quota rules for all the FlexVol volumes of an SVM. You must be aware of certain considerations when assigning the quota policies.

  • An SVM has one assigned quota policy at any given time. When an SVM is created, a blank quota policy is created and assigned to the SVM. This default quota policy has the name "default" unless a different name is specified when the SVM is created.

  • An SVM can have up to five quota policies. If an SVM has five quota policies, you cannot create a new quota policy for the SVM until you delete an existing quota policy.

  • When you need to create a quota rule or change quota rules for a quota policy, you can choose either of the following approaches:

    • If you are working in a quota policy that is assigned to an SVM, you need not assign the quota policy to the SVM.

    • If you are working in an unassigned quota policy and then assigning the quota policy to the SVM, you must have a backup of the quota policy that you can revert to if required.

      For example, you can make a copy of the assigned quota policy, change the copy, assign the copy to the SVM, and rename the original quota policy.

  • You can rename a quota policy even when it is assigned to the SVM.

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