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How SMTape works with volume move

SMTape backup operations and volume move operations can run in parallel until the storage system attempts the final cutover phase. After this phase, new SMTape backup operations cannot run on the volume that is being moved. However, the current operations continue to run until completion.

Before the cutover phase for a volume is started, the volume move operation checks for active SMTape backup operations on the same volume. If there are active SMTape backup operations, then the volume move operation moves into a cutover deferred state and allows the SMTape backup operations to complete. After these backup operations are completed, you must manually restart the volume move operation.

If the backup application supports CAB extension, you can continue performing incremental tape backup and restore operations on read/write and read-only volumes without reconfiguring backup policies.

Baseline restore and volume move operations cannot be performed simultaneously; however, incremental restore can run in parallel with volume move operations, with the behavior similar to that of SMTape backup operations during volume move operations.

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