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Create continuously available SMB shares

After you create your data volumes, you can create the continuously available shares that the application servers use to access Hyper-V virtual machine and configuration files and SQL Server database files. You should use the share configuration worksheet as you create the SMB shares.

  1. Display information about the existing data volumes and their junction paths:

    volume show -vserver vserver_name -junction

  2. Create a continuously available SMB share:

    vserver cifs share create -vserver vserver_name -share-name share_name -path path -share-properties oplocks,continuously-available -symlink "" [-comment text]

    • You can optionally add a comment to the share configuration.

    • By default, the offline files share property is configured on the share and is set to manual.

    • ONTAP creates the share with the Windows default share permission of Everyone / Full Control.

  3. Repeat the previous step for all shares in the share configuration worksheet.

  4. Verify that your configuration is correct by using the vserver cifs share show command.

  5. Configure NTFS file permissions on the continuously available shares by mapping a drive to each share, and configuring file permissions by using the Windows Properties window.


The following commands create a continuously available share named “data2” on storage virtual machine (SVM, formerly known as Vserver) vs1. Symlinks are disabled by setting the -symlink parameter to "":

cluster1::> volume show -vserver vs1 -junction
                      Junction                  Junction
Vserver   Volume      Active   Junction Path    Path Source
--------- ----------- -------- ---------------- ------------
vs1       data        true     /data            RW_volume
vs1       data1       true     /data/data1      RW_volume
vs1       data2       true     /data/data2      RW_volume
vs1       vs1_root    -        /                -

cluster1::> vserver cifs share create -vserver vs1 -share-name data2 -path /data/data2 -share-properties oplocks,continuously-available -symlink ""

cluster1::> vserver cifs share show -vserver vs1 -share-name data2

                      Vserver: vs1
                        Share: data2
     CIFS Server NetBIOS Name: VS1
                         Path: /data/data2
             Share Properties: oplocks
           Symlink Properties: -
      File Mode Creation Mask: -
 Directory Mode Creation Mask: -
                Share Comment: -
                    Share ACL: Everyone / Full Control
File Attribute Cache Lifetime: -
                  Volume Name: -
                Offline Files: manual
Vscan File-Operations Profile: standard
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