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Commands for verifying tape library connections

You can view information about the connection path between a storage system and a tape library configuration attached to the storage system. You can use this information to verify the connection path to the tape library configuration or for troubleshooting issues related to the connection paths.

You can view the following tape library details to verify the tape library connections after adding or creating a new tape library, or after restoring a failed path in a single-path or multipath access to a tape library. You can also use this information while troubleshooting path-related errors or if access to a tape library fails.

  • Node to which the tape library is attached

  • Device ID

  • NDMP path

  • Tape library name

  • Target port and initiator port IDs

  • Single-path or multipath access to a tape library for every target or FC initiator port

  • Path-related data integrity details, such as “Path Errors” and “Path Qual”

  • LUN groups and LUN counts

If you want to…​ Use this command…​

View information about a tape library in a cluster

system node hardware tape library show

View path information for a tape library

storage tape library path show

View path information for a tape library for every initiator port

storage tape library path show-by-initiator

View connectivity information between a storage tape library and cluster

storage tape library config show

For more information about these commands, see the man pages.

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