ONTAP 9.14

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Resynchronize a destination storage VM

Beginning with ONTAP 9.8, you can use ONTAP System Manager to resynchronize the data and configuration details from the source storage VM to the destination storage VM in a broken protection relationship and reestablish the relationship.

ONTAP 9.11.1 introduces an option to bypass a full data warehouse rebuild when you perform a disaster recovery rehearsal, enabling you to return to production faster.

You perform the resync operation only from the destination of the original relationship. The resync deletes any data in the destination storage VM that is newer than the data in the source storage VM.

  1. Select the desired protection relationship: click Protection > Relationships.

  2. Optionally, select Perform a quick resync to bypass a full data warehouse rebuild during a disaster recovery rehearsal.

  3. Click kabob icon and click Resync.

  4. Under Relationships, monitor the resynchronization progress by viewing Transfer Status for the relationship.

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