ONTAP 9.14

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Structure of AutoSupport messages sent by email

When an AutoSupport message is sent by email, the message has a standard subject, a brief body, and a large attachment in 7z file format that contains the data.

If AutoSupport is configured to hide private data, certain information, such as the hostname, is omitted or masked in the header, subject, body, and attachments.


The subject line of messages sent by the AutoSupport mechanism contains a text string that identifies the reason for the notification. The format of the subject line is as follows:

HA Group Notification from System_Name (Message) Severity

  • System_Name is either the hostname or the system ID, depending on the AutoSupport configuration


The body of the AutoSupport message contains the following information:

  • Date and timestamp of the message

  • Version of ONTAP on the node that generated the message

  • System ID, serial number, and hostname of the node that generated the message

  • AutoSupport sequence number

  • SNMP contact name and location, if specified

  • System ID and hostname of the HA partnernode

Attached files

The key information in an AutoSupport message is contained in files that are compressed into a 7z file called body.7z and attached to the message.

The files contained in the attachment are specific to the type of AutoSupport message.

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