ONTAP 9.14

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Delete a LIF in a SAN environment

Before you delete a LIF, you should ensure that the host connected to the LIF can access the LUNs through another path.

What you’ll need

If the LIF you want to delete is a member of a port set, you must first remove the LIF from the port set before you can delete the LIF.

ONTAP System Manager

Delete a LIF with ONTAP System Manager (9.7 and later).

  1. In ONTAP System Manager, click Network > Overview, and then select Network Interfaces.

  2. Select the storage VM from which you want to delete the LIF.

  3. Click Kabob icon and select Delete.


Delete a LIF with the ONTAP CLI.

  1. Verify the name of the LIF and current port to be deleted:

    network interface show –vserver vserver_name

  2. Delete the LIF:

    network interface delete

    network interface delete -vserver vs1 -lif lif1

  3. Verify that you deleted the LIF:

    network interface show

    network interface show -vserver vs1

    Logical Status     Network                     Current   Current Is
    Vserver Interface  Admin/Oper Address/Mask     Node      Port    Home
    ------- ---------- ---------- ---------------- --------- ------- ----
            lif2       up/up  node-01   e0b     true
            lif3       up/up  node-01   e0b     true
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