ONTAP 9.14

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Vscan server installation and configuration

You must set up and configure one or more Vscan servers to enable antivirus scanning.

  • To install and configure the antivirus software on the server, follow the instructions provided by your vendor.

For disaster recovery and MetroCluster configurations, you must set up and configure separate Vscan servers for the primary/local and secondary/partner ONTAP clusters.

Antivirus software requirements

  • For information about antivirus software requirements, see the vendor documentation.

  • For information about the vendors, software, and versions supported by Vscan, please contact Fujitsu support personnel.

ONTAP Antivirus Connector requirements

  • For information about the Windows versions supported by the ONTAP Antivirus Connector and interoperability requirements, contact our support.

Vscan server configuration requirements

  • You must install .NET 3.0 or later and you must enable SMB 2.0 on the Vscan server. For SMB servers with an export policy, you must add all Vscan servers to the policy.

  • You can install different versions of Windows Server OS on different Vscan servers in a cluster.

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