ONTAP 9.14

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Commands for displaying space usage information

You use the storage aggregate and volume commands to see how space is being used in your aggregates and volumes and their Snapshot copies.

To display information about…​

Use this command…​

Aggregates, including details about used and available space percentages, Snapshot reserve size, and other space usage information

storage aggregate show storage aggregate show-space -fields snap-size-total,used-including-snapshot-reserve

How disks and RAID groups are used in an aggregate, and RAID status

storage aggregate show-status

The amount of disk space that would be reclaimed if you deleted a specific Snapshot copy

volume snapshot compute-reclaimable

The amount of space used by a volume

volume show -fields size,used,available,percent-used volume show-space

The amount of space used by a volume in the containing aggregate

volume show-footprint

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