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Synchronize a node with the cluster

If cluster-wide quorum exists, but one or more nodes are out of sync with the cluster, then you must synchronize the node to restore the replicated database (RDB) on the node and bring it into quorum.

  1. From a healthy node, use the system configuration recovery cluster sync command at the advanced privilege level to synchronize the node that is out of sync with the cluster configuration.

    This example synchronizes a node (node2) with the rest of the cluster:

    cluster1::*> system configuration recovery cluster sync -node node2
    Warning: This command will synchronize node "node2" with the cluster
             configuration, potentially overwriting critical cluster
             configuration files on the node. This feature should only be
             used to recover from a disaster. Do not perform any other
             recovery operations while this operation is in progress. This
             command will cause all the cluster applications on node
             "node2" to restart, interrupting administrative CLI and Web
             interface on that node.
    Do you want to continue? {y|n}: y
    All cluster applications on node "node2" will be restarted. Verify that the cluster applications go online.

The RDB is replicated to the node, and the node becomes eligible to participate in the cluster.

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