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Display the status of cluster replication rings

You can display the status of cluster replication rings to help you diagnose cluster-wide problems. If your cluster is experiencing problems, support personnel might ask you to perform this task to assist with troubleshooting efforts.

  1. To display the status of cluster replication rings, use the cluster ring show command at the advanced privilege level.

Example of displaying cluster ring-replication status

The following example displays the status of the VLDB replication ring on a node named node0:

cluster1::> set -privilege advanced
Warning: These advanced commands are potentially dangerous; use them only when directed to do so by support personnel.
Do you wish to continue? (y or n): y

cluster1::*> cluster ring show -node node0 -unitname vldb
          Node: node0
     Unit Name: vldb
        Status: master
         Epoch: 5
   Master Node: node0
    Local Node: node0
      DB Epoch: 5
DB Transaction: 56
 Number Online: 4
      RDB UUID: e492d2c1-fc50-11e1-bae3-123478563412
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