ONTAP 9.14

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Available cluster health monitors

There are several health monitors that monitor different parts of a cluster. Health monitors help you to recover from errors within ONTAP systems by detecting events, sending alerts to you, and deleting events as they clear.

Health monitor name (identifier) Subsystem name (identifier) Purpose

Cluster switch(cluster-switch)

Switch (Switch-Health)

Monitors cluster network switches and management network switches for temperature, utilization, interface configuration, redundancy (cluster network switches only), and fan and power supply operation. The cluster switch health monitor communicates with switches through SNMP. SNMPv2c is the default setting.

Beginning with ONTAP 9.7, this monitor can detect and report when a cluster switch has rebooted since the last polling period.

MetroCluster Fabric


Monitors the MetroCluster configuration back-end fabric topology and detects misconfigurations such as incorrect cabling and zoning, and ISL failures.

MetroCluster Health

Interconnect, RAID, and storage

Monitors FC-VI adapters, FC initiator adapters, left-behind aggregates and disks, and inter-cluster ports

Node connectivity(node-connect)

CIFS nondisruptive operations (CIFS-NDO)

Monitors SMB connections for nondisruptive operations to Hyper-V applications.

Storage (SAS-connect)

Monitors shelves, disks, and adapters at the node level for appropriate paths and connections.


not applicable

Aggregates information from other health monitors.

System connectivity (system-connect)

Storage (SAS-connect)

Monitors shelves at the cluster level for appropriate paths to two HA clustered nodes.

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