ONTAP 9.14

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NDMP server supports secure control connections in SVM-scoped mode

A secure control connection can be established between the Data Management Application (DMA) and NDMP server by using secure sockets (SSL/TLS) as the communication mechanism. This SSL communication is based on the server certificates. The NDMP server listens on port 30000 (assigned by IANA for “ndmps” service).

After establishing the connection from the client on this port, the standard SSL handshake ensues where the server presents the certificate to the client. When the client accepts the certificate, the SSL handshake is complete. After this process is complete, all of the communication between the client and the server is encrypted. The NDMP protocol workflow remains exactly as before. The secure NDMP connection requires server- side certificate authentication only. A DMA can choose to establish a connection either by connecting to the secure NDMP service or the standard NDMP service.

By default, secure NDMP service is disabled for a storage virtual machine (SVM). You can enable or disable the secure NDMP service on a given SVM by using the vserver services ndmp modify -vserver vserver -is-secure-control-connection-enabled [true|false] command.

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