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Disable SVM protection on a FlexGroup volume

When the SVM DR flag is set to protected on a FlexGroup volume, you can set the flag to unprotected to disable SVM DR protection on a FlexGroup volume.

What you’ll need
  • The SVM DR relationship between the primary and secondary is healthy.

  • SVM DR protection parameter is set to protected.

  1. Disable protection by using the volume modify command to change the vserver-dr-protection parameter for the FlexGroup volume to unprotected.

    cluster2::> volume modify -vserver vs1 -volume fg_src -vserver-dr-protection unprotected
    [Job 5384] Job is queued: Modify fg_src.
    [Job 5384] Steps completed: 4 of 4.
  2. Update the SVM at the secondary site: snapmirror update -destination-path destination_svm_name: -source-path Source_svm_name:

  3. Verify that the SnapMirror relationship is healthy: snapmirror show

  4. Verify that the FlexGroup SnapMirror relationship has been removed: snapmirror show -expand

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