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Ways to address issues when LUNs go offline

When no space is available for writes, LUNs go offline to preserve data integrity. LUNs can run out of space and go offline for various reasons, and there are several ways you can address the issue.

If the…​ You can…​

Aggregate is full

  • Add more disks.

  • Use the volume modify command to shrink a volume that has available space.

  • If you have space-guarantee volumes that have available space, change the volume space guarantee to none with the volume modify command.

Volume is full but there is space available in the containing aggregate

  • For space guarantee volumes, use the volume modify command to increase the size of your volume.

  • For thinly provisioned volumes, use the volume modify command to increase the maximum size of your volume.

    If volume autogrow is not enabled, use volume modify -autogrow-mode to enable it.

  • Delete Snapshot copies manually with the volume snapshot delete command, or use the volume snapshot autodelete modify command to automatically delete Snapshot copies.

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