ONTAP 9.14

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What to do after an ONTAP upgrade

After you upgrade ONTAP, there are several tasks you should perform to verify your cluster readiness.

  1. Verify your cluster.

    After you upgrade ONTAP, you should verify your cluster version, cluster health, and storage health.

  2. Verify that all LIFs are on home ports.

    During a reboot, some LIFs might have been migrated to their assigned failover ports. After you upgrade a cluster, you must enable and revert any LIFs that are not on their home ports.

  3. Verify special considerations specific to your cluster.

    If certain configurations exist on your cluster, you might need to perform additional steps after you upgrade.

  4. Update the Disk Qualification Package (DQP).

    The DQP is not updated as part of an ONTAP upgrade.

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