ONTAP 9.14

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Monitor SnapMirror data transfers for FlexGroup volumes

You should periodically monitor the status of the FlexGroup volume SnapMirror relationships to verify that the destination FlexGroup volume is updated periodically as per the specified schedule.

About this task

You must perform this task from the destination cluster.

  1. View the SnapMirror relationship status of all FlexGroup volume relationships: snapmirror show -relationship-group-type flexgroup

    cluster2::> snapmirror show -relationship-group-type flexgroup
    Source            Destination Mirror  Relationship   Total             Last
    Path        Type  Path        State   Status         Progress  Healthy Updated
    ----------- ---- ------------ ------- -------------- --------- ------- --------
    vss:s       XDP  vsd:d        Snapmirrored
                                          Idle           -         true    -
    vss:s2      XDP  vsd:d2       Uninitialized
                                          Idle           -         true    -
    2 entries were displayed.
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