ONTAP 9.14

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Configure an NVMe LIF

Certain requirements must be met when configuring NVMe LIFs.

What you’ll need

NVMe must be supported by the FC adapter on which you create the LIF.

About this task

The following rules apply when creating an NVMe LIF:

  • NVMe can be the only data protocol on data LIFs.

  • You should configure one management LIF for every SVM that supports SAN.

  • For ONTAP 9.7 and later:

    • You can only configure two NVMe LIFs per node on a maximum of four nodes.

    • You must configure an NVMe LIF on the node containing the namespace and on node’s HA partner.

  1. Create the LIF:

    network interface create -vserver <SVM_name> -lif <LIF_name> -role <LIF_role> -data-protocol {fc-nvme|nvme-tcp} -home-node <home_node> -home-port <home_port>
    NVME/TCP is available beginning with ONTAP 9.10.1 and later.
  2. Verify that the LIF was created:

    network interface show -vserver <SVM_name>

After creation, NVMe/TCP LIFs listen for discovery on port 8009.

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