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Determine whether SMB clients are connected using NetBIOS aliases

You can determine whether SMB clients are connected using NetBIOS aliases, and if so, which NetBIOS alias is used to make the connection. This can be useful when troubleshooting connection issues.

About this task

You must use the -instance parameter to display the NetBIOS alias (if any) associated with an SMB connection. If the CIFS server name or an IP address is used to make the SMB connection, the output for the NetBIOS Name field is - (hyphen).

  1. Perform the desired action:

    If you want to display NetBIOS information for…​ Enter…​

    SMB connections

    vserver cifs session show -instance

    Connections using a specified NetBIOS alias:

    vserver cifs session show -instance -netbios-name netbios_name

    The following example displays information about the NetBIOS alias used to make the SMB connection with session ID 1:

    vserver cifs session show -session-id 1 -instance

                            Node: node1
                         Vserver: vs1
                      Session ID: 1
                   Connection ID: 127834
    Incoming Data LIF IP Address:
        Authentication Mechanism: NTLMv2
                    Windows User: EXAMPLE\user1
                       UNIX User: user1
                     Open Shares: 2
                      Open Files: 2
                      Open Other: 0
                  Connected Time: 1d 1h 10m 5s
                       Idle Time: 22s
                Protocol Version: SMB3
          Continuously Available: No
               Is Session Signed: true
           User Authenticated as: domain-user
                    NetBIOS Name: ALIAS1
           SMB Encryption Status: Unencrypted
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