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Install a CA-signed client certificate for the KMIP server

The certificate subtype of Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP) (the -subtype kmip-cert parameter), along with the client and server-ca types, specifies that the certificate is used for mutually authenticating the cluster and an external key manager, such as a KMIP server.

About this task

Install a KMIP certificate to authenticate a KMIP server as an SSL server to the cluster.

  1. Use the security certificate install command with the -type server-ca and -subtype kmip-cert parameters to install a KMIP certificate for the KMIP server.

  2. When you are prompted, enter the certificate, and then press Enter.

    ONTAP reminds you to keep a copy of the certificate for future reference.

    cluster1::> security certificate install -type server-ca -subtype kmip-cert
    -vserver cluster1
    Please enter Certificate: Press <Enter> when done
    -----END CERTIFICATE-----
    You should keep a copy of the CA-signed digital certificate for future reference.
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