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Move a volume

You can move a FlexVol volume to a different aggregate, node, or both within the same storage virtual machine (SVM) to balance storage capacity after determining that there is a storage capacity imbalance.

About this task

By default, if the cutover operation fails to complete within 30 seconds, it will retry. You can adjust the default behavior by using the -cutover-window and -cutover-action parameters, both of which require advanced privilege level access. For details, see the volume move start man page.

  1. If you are moving a data protection mirror and you have not initialized the mirror relationship, initialize the mirror relationship by using the snapmirror initialize command.

    Data protection mirror relationships must be initialized before you can move one of the volumes.

  2. Determine an aggregate to which you can move the volume by using the volume move target-aggr show command.

    The aggregate that you select must have enough space for the volume; that is, the available size is bigger than the volume that you are moving.

    The following example shows that the vs2 volume can be moved to any of the listed aggregates:

    cluster1::> volume move target-aggr show -vserver vs2 -volume user_max
    Aggregate Name   Available Size   Storage Type
    --------------   --------------   ------------
    aggr2            467.9GB          hdd
    node12a_aggr3    10.34GB          hdd
    node12a_aggr2    10.36GB          hdd
    node12a_aggr1    10.36GB          hdd
    node12a_aggr4    10.36GB          hdd
    5 entries were displayed.
  3. Verify that the volume can be moved to the intended aggregate by using the volume move start -perform-validation-only command to run a validation check.

  4. Move the volume by using the volume move start command.

    The following command moves the user_max volume on the vs2 SVM to the node12a_aggr3 aggregate. The move runs as a background process.

    cluster1::> volume move start -vserver vs2 -volume user_max
    -destination-aggregate node12a_aggr3
  5. Determine the status of the volume move operation by using the volume move show command.

    The following example shows the state of a volume move that completed the replication phase and is in the cutover phase:

    cluster1::> volume move show
    Vserver   Volume     State    Move Phase  Percent-Complete Time-To-Complete
    --------- ---------- -------- ----------  ---------------- ----------------
    vs2       user_max   healthy  cutover     -                -

    The volume move is complete when it no longer appears in the volume move show command output.

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