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ONTAP 9.8 and later: Recover from an incorrectly configured cluster LIF

A cluster cannot be created when the cluster network is cabled to a switch but not all of the ports configured in the Cluster IPspace can reach the other ports configured in the Cluster IPspace.

About this task

In a switched cluster, if a cluster network interface (LIF) is configured on the wrong port, or if a cluster port is wired into the wrong network, the cluster create command can fail with the following error:

Not all local cluster ports have reachability to one another.
Use the "network port reachability show -detail" command for more details.

The results of the network port show command might show that several ports are added to the Cluster IPspace because they are connected to a port that is configured with a cluster LIF. However, the results of the network port reachability show -detail command reveal which ports do not have connectivity to one another.

To recover from a cluster LIF configured on a port that is not reachable to the other ports configured with cluster LIFs, perform the following steps:

  1. Reset the home port of the cluster LIF to the correct port:

    network port modify -home-port
  2. Remove the ports that do not have cluster LIFs configured on them from the cluster broadcast domain:

    network port broadcast-domain remove-ports
  3. Create the cluster:

    cluster create

When you complete the cluster creation, the system detects the correct configuration and places the ports into the correct broadcast domains.

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