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Supported configurations and features

SnapMirror Business Continuity is compatible with numerous operating systems and other features in ONTAP. Learn about details and recommended configurations.

Supported configurations

SM-BC is supported with numerous operating systems, including:

  • AIX (beginning ONTAP 9.11.1)

  • HP-UX (beginning ONTAP 9.10.1)

  • Solaris 11.4 (beginning ONTAP 9.10.1)


Beginning with ONTAP 9.11.1, AIX is supported with SM-BC. With an AIX configuration, the primary cluster is the "active" cluster.

In an AIX configuration, failovers are disruptive. With each failover, you will need to perform a re-scan on the host for I/O operations to resume.


Beginning in ONTAP 9.10.1, SM-BC for HP-UX is supported.

Limitations with HP-UX

An automatic unplanned failover (AUFO) event on the isolated master cluster may be caused by dual event failure when the connection between the primary and the secondary cluster is lost and the connection between the primary cluster and the mediator is also lost. This is considered a rare event, unlike other AUFO events.

  • In this scenario, it might take more than 120 seconds for I/O to resume on the HP-UX host. Depending on the applications that are running, this might not lead to any I/O disruption or error messages.

  • To remediate, you must restart applications on the HP-UX host that have a disruption tolerance of less than 120 seconds.

Solaris Host setting recommendation

Beginning with ONTAP 9.10.1, SM-BC supports Solaris 11.4.

Windows Failover Clustering

Beginning with ONTAP 9.14.1, Windows Failover Clustering is supported with SM-BC.

ONTAP integrations

SM-BC offers support for other features in ONTAP, including:

  • Fan-out configurations

  • NDMP copy (beginning with ONTAP 9.13.1)

  • Partial file restore (beginning with ONTAP 9.12.1)


SM-BC supports source and destination volumes on FabricPool aggregates with the tiering policy of None, Snapshot or Auto. SM-S SM-BC does not support FabricPool aggregates using a tiering policy of All.

Fan-out configurations

In a fan-out configurations, your source volume can be mirrored to an SM-BC destination endpoint and to one or more asynchronous SnapMirror relationships.

Diagram of a fan-out configuration

SM-BC supports fan-out configurations with the MirrorAllSnapshots policy and, beginning in ONTAP 9.11.1, the MirrorAndVault policy. Fan-out configurations are not supported in SM-BC with the XDPDefault policy.

If you experience a failover on the SM-BC destination in a fan-out configuration, you must manually resume protection in the fan-out configuration.

NDMP restore

Beginning in ONTAP 9.13.1, you can use NDMP to copy and restore data with SM-BC. Using NDMP allows you to move data onto the SM-BC source to complete a restore without pausing protection. This is particularly useful in fan-out configurations.

To learn more about this process, see Transfer data using ndmp copy.

Partial file restore

Beginning in ONTAP 9.12.1, partial LUN restore is supported for SM-BC volumes. For information on this process, refer to Restore part of a file from a Snapshot copy.

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