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Change the UTA2 port from CNA mode to FC mode

You should change the UTA2 port from Converged Network Adapter (CNA) mode to Fibre Channel (FC) mode to support the FC initiator and FC target mode. You should change the personality from CNA mode to FC mode when you need to change the physical medium that connects the port to its network.

  1. Take the adapter offline:

    network fcp adapter modify -node node_name -adapter adapter_name -status-admin down

  2. Change the port mode:

    ucadmin modify -node node_name -adapter adapter_name -mode fcp

  3. Reboot the node, and then bring the adapter online:

    network fcp adapter modify -node node_name -adapter adapter_name -status-admin up

  4. Notify your admin or VIF manager to delete or remove the port, as applicable:

    • If the port is used as a home port of a LIF, is a member of an interface group (ifgrp), or hosts VLANs, then an admin should do the following:

      1. Move the LIFs, remove the port from the ifgrp, or delete the VLANs, respectively.

      2. Manually delete the port by running the network port delete command.

        If the network port delete command fails, the admin should address the errors, and then run the command again.

    • If the port is not used as the home port of a LIF, is not a member of an ifgrp, and does not host VLANs, then the VIF manager should remove the port from its records at the time of reboot.

      If the VIF manager does not remove the port, then the admin must remove it manually after the reboot by using the network port delete command.

    net-f8040-34::> network port show
        Node: net-f8040-34-01
                                                          Speed(Mbps) Health
        Port      IPspace      Broadcast Domain Link MTU  Admin/Oper  Status
        --------- ------------ ---------------- ---- ---- ----------- --------
        e0i       Default      Default          down 1500  auto/10    -
        e0f       Default      Default          down 1500  auto/10    -
        net-f8040-34::> ucadmin show
                                  Current  Current    Pending  Pending    Admin
        Node            Adapter   Mode     Type       Mode     Type       Status
        ------------    -------   -------  ---------  -------  ---------  -----------
        net-f8040-34-01   0e       cna      target     -        -          offline
        net-f8040-34-01   0f       cna      target     -        -          offline
        net-f8040-34::> network interface create -vs net-f8040-34 -lif m -role
    node-mgmt-home-node net-f8040-34-01 -home-port e0e -address
        net-f8040-34::> network interface show -fields home-port, curr-port
        vserver lif                   home-port curr-port
        ------- --------------------- --------- ---------
        Cluster net-f8040-34-01_clus1 e0a       e0a
        Cluster net-f8040-34-01_clus2 e0b       e0b
        Cluster net-f8040-34-01_clus3 e0c       e0c
        Cluster net-f8040-34-01_clus4 e0d       e0d
                cluster_mgmt          e0M       e0M
                m                     e0e       e0i
                net-f8040-34-01_mgmt1 e0M       e0M
        7 entries were displayed.
        net-f8040-34::> ucadmin modify local 0e fc
        Warning: Mode on adapter 0e and also adapter 0f will be changed to fc.
        Do you want to continue? {y|n}: y
        Any changes will take effect after rebooting the system. Use the
    "system node reboot" command to reboot.
        net-f8040-34::> reboot local
          (system node reboot)
        Warning: Are you sure you want to reboot node "net-f8040-34-01"?
        {y|n}: y
  5. Verify that you have the correct SFP+ installed:

    network fcp adapter show -instance -node -adapter

    For CNA, you should use a 10Gb Ethernet SFP. For FC, you should either use an 8 Gb SFP or a 16 Gb SFP, before changing the configuration on the node.

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