ONTAP 9.14

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Display IPspaces

You can display the list of IPspaces that exist in a cluster, and you can view the storage virtual machines (SVMs), broadcast domains, and ports that are assigned to each IPspace.


Display the IPspaces and SVMs in a cluster:

network ipspace show [-ipspace ipspace_name]

The following command displays all of the IPspaces, SVMs, and broadcast domains in the cluster:

network ipspace show
IPspace        Vserver List             Broadcast Domains
-------------  -----------------------  -------------------
               Cluster                  Cluster
               vs1, cluster-1            Default
               vs3, vs4, ipspace1       bcast1

The following command displays the nodes and ports that are part of IPspace ipspace1:

network ipspace show -ipspace ipspace1
IPspace name: ipspace1
Ports: cluster-1-01:e0c, cluster-1-01:e0d, cluster-1-01:e0e, cluster-1-02:e0c, cluster-1-02:e0d, cluster-1-02:e0e
Broadcast Domains: Default-1
Vservers: vs3, vs4, ipspace1
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