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About igroups

Initiator groups (igroups) are tables of FC protocol host WWPNs or iSCSI host node names. You can define igroups and map them to LUNs to control which initiators have access to LUNs.

Typically, you want all of the host’s initiator ports or software initiators to have access to a LUN. If you are using multipathing software or have clustered hosts, each initiator port or software initiator of each clustered host needs redundant paths to the same LUN.

You can create igroups that specify which initiators have access to the LUNs either before or after you create LUNs, but you must create igroups before you can map a LUN to an igroup.

Initiator groups can have multiple initiators, and multiple igroups can have the same initiator. However, you cannot map a LUN to multiple igroups that have the same initiator. An initiator cannot be a member of igroups of differing ostypes.

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