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Make data on a FIPS drive or SED inaccessible overview

If you want to make data on a FIPS drive or SED permanently inaccessible, but keep the drive’s unused space available for new data, you can sanitize the disk. If you want to make data permanently inaccessible and you do not need to reuse the drive, you can destroy it.

  • Disk sanitization

    When you sanitize a self-encrypting drive, the system changes the disk encryption key to a new random value, resets the power-on lock state to false, and sets the key ID to a default value, either the manufacturer secure ID 0x0 (SAS drives) or a null key (NVMe drives). Doing so renders the data on the disk inaccessible and impossible to retrieve. You can reuse sanitized disks as non-zeroed spare disks.

  • Disk destroy

    When you destroy a FIPS drive or SED, the system sets the disk encryption key to an unknown random value and locks the disk irreversibly. Doing so renders the disk permanently unusable and the data on it permanently inaccessible.

You can sanitize or destroy individual self-encrypting drives, or all the self-encrypting drives for a node.

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