ONTAP 9.14

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Check your cluster with Active IQ Config Advisor

After you have joined all the nodes to your new cluster, you should run Active IQ Config Advisor to validate your configuration and check for common configuration errors.

Config Advisor is a web-based application that you install on your laptop, virtual machine or a server, and works across Windows, Linux, and Mac platforms.

Config Advisor runs a series of commands to validate your installation and check the overall health of the configuration, including the cluster and storage switches.

  1. Download and install Active IQ Config Advisor.

  2. Launch Active IQ, and set up a passphrase when prompted.

  3. Review your settings and click Save.

  4. On the Objectives page, click ONTAP Post-Deployment Validation.

  5. Choose either Guided or Expert mode.

    If you choose Guided mode, connected switches are discovered automatically.

  6. Enter the cluster credentials.

  7. (Optional) Click Form Validate.

  8. To begin collecting data, click Save & Evaluate.

  9. After data collection is complete, under Job Monitor > Actions, view the data collected by clicking Data View icon, and view the results by clicking the Results icon.

  10. Resolve the issues identified by Config Advisor.

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