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How GPOs are updated on the CIFS server overview

By default, ONTAP retrieves and applies Group Policy Object (GPO) changes every 90 minutes. Security settings are refreshed every 16 hours. If you want to update GPOs to apply new GPO policy settings before ONTAP automatically updates them, you can trigger a manual update on a CIFS server with an ONTAP command.

  • By default, all GPOs are verified and updated as needed every 90 minutes.

    This interval is configurable and can be set using the Refresh interval and Random offset GPO settings.

    ONTAP queries Active Directory for changes to GPOs. If the GPO version numbers recorded in Active Directory are higher than those on the CIFS server, ONTAP retrieves and applies the new GPOs. If the version numbers are the same, GPOs on the CIFS server are not updated.

  • Security Settings GPOs are refreshed every 16 hours.

    ONTAP retrieves and applies Security Settings GPOs every 16 hours, whether or not these GPOs have changed.

    The 16-hour default value cannot be changed in the current ONTAP version. It is a Windows client default setting.

  • All GPOs can be updated manually with an ONTAP command.

    This command simulates the Windows gpupdate.exe /force command.

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