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Create the cluster on the first node

You use the Cluster Setup wizard to create the cluster on the first node. The wizard helps you to configure the cluster network that connects the nodes, create the cluster admin storage virtual machine (SVM), add feature license keys, and create the node management interface for the first node.

Before you begin
  • You should have installed, cabled and powered on your new storage system according to the installation and setup instructions for your platform model. See the ETERNUS AX and ETERNUS HX documentation.

  • Cluster network interfaces should be configured on each node of the cluster for intra-cluster communication.

  • If you are configuring IPv6 on your cluster, IPv6 should be configured on the Base Management Controller (BMC) so that you can access the system using SSH.

  1. Power on all the nodes you are adding to the cluster. This is required to enable discovery for your cluster setup.

  2. Connect to the console of the first node.

    The node boots, and then the Cluster Setup wizard starts on the console.

    Welcome to the cluster setup wizard....
  3. Acknowledge the AutoSupport statement.

    Type yes to confirm and continue {yes}: yes
    AutoSupport is enabled by default.
  4. Follow the instructions on the screen to assign an IP address to the node.

    For ONTAP releases earlier than 9.13.1, or for 9.13.1 and later on other platforms, you must assign IPv4 addresses for management LIFs, then convert to IPv6 after you complete cluster setup.

  5. Press Enter to continue.

    Do you want to create a new cluster or join an existing cluster? {create, join}:
  6. Create a new cluster: create

  7. Accept the system defaults or enter your own values.

  8. After setup is completed, log in to the cluster and verify that the cluster is active and the first node is healthy by entering the ONTAP CLI command: cluster show

    The following example shows a cluster in which the first node (cluster1-01) is healthy and eligible to participate:

    cluster1::> cluster show
    Node                  Health  Eligibility
    --------------------- ------- ------------
    cluster1-01           true    true

    You can access the Cluster Setup wizard to change any of the values you entered for the admin SVM or node SVM by using the cluster setup command.

After you finish

If needed, convert from IPv4 to IPv6.

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