ONTAP 9.14

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Create an intercluster SVM peer relationship

You can use the vserver peer create command to create a peer relationship between SVMs on local and remote clusters.

Before you begin
  • The source and destination clusters must be peered.

  • You must have "pre-authorized" peer relationships for the SVMs on the remote cluster.

    For more information, see Creating a cluster peer relationship.

About this task

Previous releases of ONTAP let you authorize a peer relationship for only one SVM at a time. You needed to run the vserver peer accept command each time you authorized a pending SVM peer relationship.

You can "pre-authorize" peer relationships for multiple SVMs by listing the SVMs in the -initial-allowed-vserver option when you create a cluster peer relationship. For more information, see Creating a cluster peer relationship.

  1. On the data protection destination cluster, display the SVMs that are pre-authorized for peering:

    vserver peer permission show

    cluster02::> vserver peer permission show
    Peer Cluster         Vserver               Applications
    -------------------  --------------------  --------------------
    cluster02            vs1,vs2               snapmirror
  2. On the data protection source cluster, create a peer relationship to a pre-authorized SVM on the data protection destination cluster:

    vserver peer create -vserver local_SVM -peer-vserver remote_SVM

    For complete command syntax, see the man page.

    The following example creates a peer relationship between the local SVM pvs1 and the pre-authorized remote SVM vs1:

    cluster01::> vserver peer create -vserver pvs1 -peer-vserver vs1
  3. Verify the SVM peer relationship:

    vserver peer show

    cluster01::> vserver peer show
                Peer        Peer                           Peering        Remote
    Vserver     Vserver     State        Peer Cluster      Applications   Vserver
    ----------- ----------- ------------ ----------------- -------------- ---------
    pvs1        vs1         peered       cluster02         snapmirror     vs1
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