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Display LDAP statistics

You can display LDAP statistics for storage virtual machines (SVMs) on a storage system to monitor the performance and diagnose issues.

What you’ll need
  • You must have configured an LDAP client on the SVM.

  • You must have identified LDAP objects from which you can view data.

  1. View the performance data for counter objects:

    statistics show


The following example shows the performance data for object secd_external_service_op:

cluster::*> statistics show -vserver vserverName -object secd_external_service_op -instance “vserverName:LDAP (NIS & Name Mapping):GetUserInfoFromName:”

Object: secd_external_service_op
Instance: vserverName:LDAP (NIS & Name Mapping):GetUserInfoFromName:
Start-time: 4/13/2016 22:15:38
End-time: 4/13/2016 22:15:38
Scope: vserverName
Counter                            Value
-------------------------------- --------------------------------
instance_name                      vserverName:LDAP (NIS & Name
last_modified_time                 1460610787
node_name                          nodeName
num_not_found_responses            1
num_request_failures               1
num_requests_sent                  1
num_responses_received             1
num_successful_responses           0
num_timeouts                       0
operation                          GetUserInfoFromName
process_name                       secd
request_latency                    52131us
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