ONTAP 9.14

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What MIBs are

A MIB (Management Information Base) is a text file that describes SNMP objects and traps.

MIBs describe the structure of the management data of the storage system and they use a hierarchical namespace containing object identifiers (OIDs). Each OID identifies a variable that can be read by using SNMP.

Because MIBs are not configuration files and ONTAP does not read these files, SNMP functionality is not affected by MIBs. ONTAP provides the following MIB file:

  • A NetApp custom MIB (netapp.mib)

ONTAP supports IPv6 (RFC 2465), TCP (RFC 4022), UDP (RFC 4113), and ICMP (RFC 2466) MIBs, which show both IPv4 and IPv6 data, are supported.

ONTAP also provides a short cross-reference between object identifiers (OIDs) and object short names in the traps.dat file.

The latest versions of the ONTAP MIBs and traps.dat files are available on the Fujitsu Manual Site. However, the versions of these files on the support site do not necessarily correspond to the SNMP capabilities of your ONTAP version. These files are provided to help you evaluate SNMP features in the latest ONTAP version.
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